Weed Near The Acrisure Arena

Looking For Weed Near The Acrisure Arena?

If you are looking for the best weed near the Acrisure Arena, look no further than The Double Eye Dispensary & Lounge. Wether you are looking for a place to pickup some good buds before a show or want to celebrate a big win; The Double Eye has the elite cannabis products you are looking for.

Are You A Firebirds Fan?

So are we! To spread the love to other fans of our beloved Coachella Valley Firebirds; we want to offer a ___% discount every time the Firebirds win! With our store being immediately off Interstate 10 and connected to a gas station, its easy to say that Double Eye Dispensary is the best place to get cannabis for Firebirds fans!

The Best Place To Pre-Game

If you are traveling into town for a hockey game or other show, and are looking for weed near the Acrisure Arena, The Double Eye Lounge is the perfect place to stop, stretch your legs and have a good smoke before your night out. Our lounge has all the essentials you need to smoke on the go including complimentary rolling papers, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, lighters, snacks and more.

Trying To Be Discreet?

If you are the type that wants to feel the affects of cannabis without the harsh weed aroma, you may want to try some of our elite cannabis edibles or disposables before an event. Both of these options pack a punch and can provide the feeling you are looking for without letting everyone know your business.

Enjoy The Show!

No matter what you are doing at the Acrisure Arena, the Double Eye Team wishes you a safe night and hope the event is awesome! The venue is a true asset to the Coachella Valley and all of the events seem to really leave a positive impact on its visitors. Have a fun time at your event, and if you need some good cannabis, think the Double Eye!